Barry Conrad  Films New Star Wars Drones
Promotional for Star Wars Releasing of their 4 New Drones

Star Wars Drone promotional productionBarry Conrad was hired to Perform Camera, Lighting and Sound for the New Star Wars Drone Promotions
Interior and Exterior One-Day Shoot Barry Conrad Camera - Sound - Lighting - Editing - Barry Does it all
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STAR WARS 4 New Drones Promotional Video

Star Wars Drone Promotional new drones
Barry Conrad has shot just about every kind of Promotional Event you can name and when it was time to make the New Star Wars Drone Promotional they called on Barry.

Star Wars Drone pilots promoting new dronesBarry's vast experience enabled him to capture the fast moving drones and their unexpected maneuvers to help showcase the new Drones. One Drone at a time or several, it made no difference, Barry captured the action as it took place.
Star Wars new drones 3 pilots promotion
Award Winning Cameraman Barry Conrad had to be ready for the 35mph indoor flying tactics of the 4 New Models. Barry was able to capture both the flying Drones as well as the Pilots and in some cases simultaneously.

Barry's long and vast experience in Broadcast Television and Red Carpet Events has made him one of the most sought after cameramen in the business for promotional events requiring a hard and fast pace. While the High End production work is something he is used to, offering Local Business Promo videos are a source of steady business that he enjoys producing.

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